STAGE RIGHT! Youth Theatre Festival 2024

We are proud to be bringing you our thirteenth fun filled theatre festival.
Our talented groups of youngsters will be performing on stage the following stories.

Drama: Mischievous Land of Wonder

This story plays of in a Wonderland with Fairies, Dragons, Knights and the hunt for a cure only a Jackelope can provide.
Wonderland is turned upside down when everyone is going on a quest to search for a Jackelope.

Only one problem: What is a Jackelope?


Drama: The Marvellous Machine

This is an imaginative trip through the human body, with the cast members playing a forgetful brain, a grumbling stomach, a corny, vaudevillian pair of lung. There’s even a shoot-out between the evil Germs and the good guy, Antibody!

Musical Theatre: The Audition

A new theater teacher is bringing a production of A Chorus Line to the high school. Though the hopefuls range from shy to outrageous, and from diva-like to determined, everyone has a chance to step into the spotlight. A hilarious and heartbreaking look at the madness of auditioning and the actors who brave the process for that perfect part.

 Show Date: Saturday 8th June, 2024

Show Venue: Y Studio, Youth Square, Chai Wan

Show Time: 12:15 – 1:00pm (Drama), 5:00 – 5:30pm (Musical Theatre), 3 shows

Ticket per session: Adults $120 & Children $80. Premium seats and package deal available.

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