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LAMDA is one of the UK’s oldest and most respected awarding organisations and have been offering practical examinations in communication and performance subjects for over 130 years.

LAMDA qualifications help candidates across the world to develop confidence, communication skills and performance techniques.  

The exams focus on outcomes and achievement, providing the opportunity to empower their sense of self, which ultimately develops well-rounded individuals.

LAMDA is an accredited awarding body of Ofqual (The Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator in England). Communication and Performance Examinations at Level 3 are recognised within the UCAS tariff for UK University entrance.


(Verbiage taken from the LAMDA Website)


Learners delve into characterisation and develop strong speaking skills in one of LAMDA’s most popular exams.

Learners develop their vocal, physical and interpretive skills while they delve into characters and explore the background of dramatic texts. Alongside producing authentic performances of their chosen scenes, they also gain an understanding of the context and characters within them. 

Working through the grades takes our learners through the development of clear speaking and character portrayal to an understanding of a playwright’s style, the influence of theatre practitioners such as Stanislavski and a sensitive appreciation of subtext. 

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Solo Introductory exam

Our Introductory exams are the perfect start for both young learners and those who have never taken an exam before. 

By learning the words of a fun poem from the likes of Michael Rosen and Valerie Bloom our Introductory learners are developing the ability to express themselves clearly while also improving their memorisation and recall.  

Not only that, they are also gaining in self-confidence as they talk about the things they love, like their favourite toy, place or book. These conversations encourage our learners to feel at ease with answering questions, listening and using description.

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Solo/Duo Musical Theatre

Learn to tell captivating stories through song with vibrant characterisation and strong acting technique. LAMDA’s musical theatre learners develop their acting skills through song. They use vocal techniques to convey the right mood, and engage with the material to form a thoughtful interpretation of the song. 

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Speaking in Public

Develop the confidence to deliver powerful and engaging speeches, as you build the foundations of effective public speaking.

Speaking in Public exams prepare our learners for a task that daunts so many people. Learners write their own speeches, researching the topics, creating visual aids and presenting them from memory (although they can use notecards, if they prefer). 

As they progress through the grades they will develop the ability to speak clearly and project their voice for an audience. They’ll discover the techniques they require to engage an audience and to structure their speech effectively. 

At the higher graders, learners will be asked to create an impromptu speech with minimal preparation. 

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Speaking Verse and Prose

For creative individuals who want to develop their memory skills and build a strong speaking voice.

LAMDA’s Speaking Verse and Prose learners develop a whole host of skills, from speaking clearly and using voice projection, to improving memorisation and building an understanding of poetry and prose which supports studies in English literature. 

As learners progress through the levels they interact with the texts, responding to them with imagination and using body language and expression to engage an audience.  

Learners working towards their Level Three grades are delving into sonnets, exploring the life and work of William Shakespeare and discussing his influence, as well as discovering the other writers whose works they are performing.

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From speeches to sonnets, explore the work of William Shakespeare in our suite of exams dedicated to the Bard.

LAMDA’s Shakespeare qualification is designed for learners who wish to explore the work of the world’s most famous writer in the English language. 

With a syllabus based around the plays and sonnets of William Shakespeare, these exams encourage a deep immersion into Shakespeare’s words and the development of the technical skills required to perform them confidently and creatively.

At Levels Two and Three, learners can either take the exam by themselves (solo) or in a pair (duologue). 

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