Holiday Workshops

Boost your creativity this Easter! Engage your mind and body AND

enrich your cultural education all in one place.

Location: STAGE RIGHT! Studio, Sai Kung

The Easter Bunny is on his way! Come hop into the celebrations at Stage Right Studio!
We have magical events planned for you:
Easter Egg Hunt
Build your own basket
Easter Egg Decorating
Egg and Spoon races
And so much more to keep your little ones engaged this Easter Holidays.

Team Work

Learn to work in a team to solve problems faster. Use collaboration to foster friendships, and loyalty.


Live life with more energy and determination. Learn to control emotions and behaviors responsibly.


Adapt your thinking to better deal with uncertainty. Solve problems quickly and develop self expression.


Improve your psychological and physical well being by engaging in fun activities. Learn faster by having fun!

Our holiday programmes have thrilled and delighted the community, developing friendships and inspiring creativity year after year.

The programme’s small group setting (max. 12) allows for the sought after personal coaching and the development of individual skills which makes our programmes so popular.

Holiday programme
Holiday programme
Holiday programme
Holiday programme
Holiday programme