Holiday Workshops

Join us to boost your creativity, enjoy fun activities with friends and perform to family and friends!

Location: STAGE RIGHT! Studio, Sai Kung

Location: Tseung Kwan O

Teddy Bear Tea Club
For babies and toddlers who are ready to socialise and make friends. You can expect sensory play, art work, gross/fine motor skill development, role play, vocabulary development, music and movement and much more!

Sai Kung Super Troopers
Small group classes, for independent toddlers who are getting ready for school. Conveniently located right in Sai Kung town. Come play in our playroom and engage in activities specifically designed to get ready for school! Circle time songs and movement, games, Storytime, phonics, number/shape/colour matching, role play, cooking and much more.

Storytime Drama and Music
Storytime Drama is a wonderful way to introduce your children to the world of theatre. This fun sensory experience will immerse students into a magical world of our most well-loved books. Escape to magical places and use your imagination to explore new worlds otherwise out of our everyday experience.

Work with a script, sets of performance skills or a theme to produce a completely original piece of theatre ready to be performed or filmed by the end of the week. 

Musical Theatre
A specialised programme for all those singers and dancers out there who love the flair of the musical. We focus on vocal training and choreography, ready to be performed to family and friends by the end of the week.

Project Movie Star

Spend the day being creative and expressive while learning how to work as a team. Learn about acting and movie making by producing a completely unique performance, in a single day. Record and keep the movie for memories in years to come!

HIIT Workout

30 minute High Intensity Interval Training. 30 seconds work, 30 seconds’ rest. No Instructor, work at your own pace and to your own ability. Perfect for those looking to tone up and lose weight this summer.

Team Work

Learn to work in a team to solve problems faster. Use collaboration to foster friendships, and loyalty.


Live life with more energy and determination. Learn to control emotions and behaviors responsibly.


Adapt your thinking to better deal with uncertainty. Solve problems quickly and develop self expression.


Improve your psychological and physical well being by engaging in fun activities. Learn faster by having fun!

Our holiday programmes have thrilled and delighted the community, developing friendships and inspiring creativity year after year.

The programme’s small group setting (max. 12) allows for the sought after personal coaching and the development of individual skills which makes our programmes so popular.

Holiday programme
Holiday programme
Holiday programme
Holiday programme
Holiday programme