Holiday Programmes

Perform  for your family and friends during half-term break!


Come join our Holiday Programmes in Sai Kung

Play in a Day 2021

Spend a day collaborating, problem solving and being expressive.
Produce a completely unique piece of theatre, ready for performance that very same day.

Team Work

Learn to work in a team to solve problems faster. Use collaboration to foster friendships, and loyalty. 


Live life with more energy and determination. Learn to control emotions and 
behaviors  responsibly.


Adapt your thinking to better deal with uncertainty. Solve problems quickly and develop self expression.


Improve your psychological and physical well being by engaging in fun activities. Learn faster by having fun! 

Play in a Day

STAGE RIGHT! Studio, Sai Kung 

Monday 11th October 7 - 9 years FULL

Wednesday 13th October  5 - 7 years FULL

Friday 15th October 9 - 12 years FULL

9:00 - 4:30pm

$750 / day 





Storytime Drama withMusic
Storytime Drama with Music 2-hour Workshop

Let's follow our favourite characters on adventures into storyland. Become animals, pirates, kings and princesses! Let's use our bodies, voices and imaginations to create magical fairy lands and jungle adventures. In this fun and playful class we will build confidence in speaking and expressing ourselves, as well as developing social play, gross motor skills and use of language.

STAGE RIGHT! Studio, Sai Kung 
Tuesday 12th October  2 - 4 years old 
Session 1: 10:00am - 12:00pm FULL

Session 2: 2:00 - 4:00pm FULL


Our holiday programmes have thrilled and delighted the community, developing friendships and inspiring creativity year after year.

The programme’s small group setting (max. 12) allows for the sought after personal coaching and the development of individual skills which makes our programmes so popular.