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Online Courses start Monday 27th April 

$1,200​ for full 8 lesson course 

Trial lessons available for $100 per class

Musical Theatre with Wendi


3 - 4 pm

8 - 11 years

Get your body moving and vocal chords vibrating with this fun interactive musical theatre course. Rehearse songs, scenes and dances together with the expert guidance of our in-house musical theatre expert, Wendi Kirwan-Elliott. Guaranteed to delight and focus students whilst building performance skills from the comfort of your own home. At the end of the course our students will have an online performance to show case their newly developed skills. 

Starting Thursday 30th April

See the course outline               More about Wendi                            Register here 

Interactive Storytelling Adventures with Daniel 


3 - 4 pm 

5 - 8 years

Build your own adventure in this interactive storytelling masterpiece, lead by the energetic and dramatic Daniel Felix-Johnson. Pirates are shipwrecked on a deserted island, what will they find there? Hidden treasure? Dangerous animals? A local tribe? Will they be friend or foe? In this build-your-own-adventure story, children will sing, dance, learn poems, monologues and scripts to work through the challenges their characters will face on the island. 

Starting Friday 8th May


See the course outline                    More about Daniel                            Register here 

Cantonese Drama with Alice


3 - 4 pm 

7 - 10 years

Have fun practicing your conversational Cantonese with your peers, build vocabulary and fluency by applying your knowledge to everyday situations. Play games and practice scripts and dialogues all in Cantonese.

Starting Tuesday 5th May

See the course outline                    More about Alice                           Register here 

Mandarin Drama with Nico


3 - 4 pm 

7 - 10 years

Practice your conversational Mandarin with your peers, build your vocabulary and fluency by applying your knowledge to everyday situations. Play games, physical exercises, vocal exercises, improvisations, practice scripts and dialogues all in Mandarin. By the end of the course we will have a short script ready for performance and will record online! Get ready for some fun!

Starting Wednesday 6th May

See the course outline                       More about Nico                                      Register here

Duologues with Wendi 


3 - 4 pm

9 - 14


3 - 4 pm 

7 - 10 years

Work with a partner to develop your acting skills, timing, delivery and expression. Work closely with our talented acting teacher Wendi Kirwan - Elliott, as she guides you through the process of understanding and delivering a text. Duologues will be worked on in pairs in private online rooms and then recorded for performance at the end of the course.


Starting Wednesday 29th April and Friday 1st May 

See the course outline                   More about Wendi                           Register here

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