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Drama plays a significant role in contributing to your child’s education and in nurturing their personal growth. Through our workshops positive changes are possible in social, emotional and physical development.


The workshops are arranged in three terms, each term building from the next deepening knowledge and developing skills further. 

Term 1:  Performance Skills


Concentrating on developing skills for performance is what this term is all about. Stage presence, voice control - projection, tone, pitch and intonation, physical and emotional expression, creating believable characters and engaging an audience are a few examples of the skills which are explored this term.


Term 2: Theatre Techniques


Building on what was learned last term we will continue developing our performance skills whist exploring theatre conventions and techniques. How does an actor interpret scripts and dialogues, characters and stage directions, whilst utilising conventions such as still images, soundscapes and more!


Term 3: Stage Performance


In the rehearsal process for STAGE RIGHT!’s Theatre Festival, students are given the opportunity to learn a script, develop characters and perform on stage to a live audience.

Curtain Call
Ensemble cast
Peter Pan Show
Theatre Show

Autumn Term: November - December

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